IRSE in Switzerland

The story so far

The IRSE Swiss Section was founded in 2011 with Markus Montigel as its first chairman. Daniel Pixley has been chairman since 2015. Today, the IRSE Swiss Section has about 60 individual members and 10 corporate members. Most are firmly rooted in railway signalling.

The IRSE Swiss Section organises several events per year. Our main goal is to promote professional exchanges among members. The gatherings are primarily technically oriented and take place where new things happen in Switzerland. Recent examples among many others are Zurich’s new Loewenstrasse underground railway station and the new Gotthard Base Tunnel.

Members extend and deepen their professional expertise and discuss innovations and current developments.

Aims of the IRSE Swiss Section

In the railway signalling sector, well-trained personnel is hard to find. All railways and suppliers seek competent professionals. Finding specialists is becoming ever more difficult. Presenting railway technology in a way that appeals to engineers is thus becoming ever more important.

The IRSE Swiss Section is devoted to demonstrating railway technology in an attractive way. Both Swiss Section meetings and events and IRSE international events promote networking and fruitful discussions of future trends.

Such events foster an animated exchange on current and emerging technologies among specialists. They thus help place the field of railway technology in an attractive light. By visiting modern and innovative companies, engineers witness the potential of public and rail transport and railway automation. They also discover ideas that support their daily work.

Companies profit from interested, well-trained and thoroughly informed employees who have a good network in the sector and can think out of the box.