IRSE worldwide

The Institution of Railway Signal Engineers (IRSE) is an association founded in 1912 with headquarters in London. As a “learning society”, IRSE is a non-profit professional institution in the field of railway signalling, telecommunication and automation. Around 5500 managers and well-trained signal and telecoms engineers of large, medium and small companies, as well as students, are members of IRSE.

IRSE promotes international synergies and holistic consideration of the railway as a system, and highlights practical examples of new technical developments. In the many participating countries, such as the UK, Australia and many countries in Asia, employment as a signal engineer requires IRSE certification.

At IRSE Convention 2018, we are looking forward to meeting numerous signalling experts from IRSE Sections all over the world.

For further information about IRSE please check the central IRSE website.